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The 4 S’s in Resolving Emotional Problems in Relationships

Men, have you ever tried to explain to your spouse why she should not be as upset over a problem as she is?  Even though you may be right, and your logic sound, has your explanation ever caused her to get even angrier than she is and push you away? As men, we often respond to emotional problems logically – thinking that if the problem is solved, there is no need to be upset by it.  However, when our spouse

How parents can destroy the effectiveness of consequences?

Why is it that two set of parents can apply the same consequence but yet get very different results?  Is it because the child that learns from the consequence is good-natured while the other child who becomes resentful is just a bad egg?  Does it all depend on the temperament of the child or does the way the parents apply the consequences have any influence over their effectiveness? I am reminded of mother whose first reaction when her child did

The Effects of Sarcasm on Children

During a parenting class, one mother stated, “My kids are so sarcastic.  They are constantly being rude to each other and being sarcastic with me.” Then she asked, “Do you think they got that from me?” The simple answer to that question is probably so.  Children generally learn how to interact with people by watching their parents (and other adults) interact with them and with others.  When parents use sarcasm to release frustration or to point out what they think