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Can it be Bad to Buy Your Kids Nice Things?

I don’t remember the last time I saw a 12-year-old delivering newspapers on a bike.  Nowadays, it seems like newspapers are delivered either by an adult in a car or by a kid being driven by an adult in a car.  I don’t mean to criticize.  I just miss the days when kids would deliver the newspaper on their bikes, or go door to door with a lawn mower on a Saturday seeing if they could mow a lawn or

When Kids Make “Bad” Friends

One of the major worries parents have as their kids get older is whether or not their kids will make good friends.  From their own experience, parents recognize that friends can have such a powerful influence over their kids – for good or for bad.  Because of that influence, some parents enter into the trap of trying to control who their kids can have as friends.  Once parents enter into a control battle over who they will allow their kids