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Coaching Your Spouse to Meet Your Needs

“You just don’t get it.” “If you really knew me you would know why this bothers me so much.” “Never mind!  I guess I will just have to do it myself.” Do these comments sound familiar?  Often in relationships we can get frustrated that our spouse doesn’t see or feel things the same way we see and feel them.  It may appear that our spouse is oblivious to our needs and how to meet them.  This can become frustrating in

The 4 S’s in Resolving Emotional Problems in Relationships

Men, have you ever tried to explain to your spouse why she should not be as upset over a problem as she is?  Even though you may be right, and your logic sound, has your explanation ever caused her to get even angrier than she is and push you away? As men, we often respond to emotional problems logically – thinking that if the problem is solved, there is no need to be upset by it.  However, when our spouse