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The Difference Between Helping and Enabling

When does “helping” a child become “enabling” a child? It is hard to know where that line is sometimes. As parents, we love our kids and are willing to make sacrifices for them, but can our sacrifices ever send the wrong message to our kids? The answer is yes! We can certainly send unhealthy and unrealistic messages to our kids leading them to believe that the world will do everything it can to make sure they are comfortable, and especially,

Can it be Bad to Buy Your Kids Nice Things?

I don’t remember the last time I saw a 12-year-old delivering newspapers on a bike.  Nowadays, it seems like newspapers are delivered either by an adult in a car or by a kid being driven by an adult in a car.  I don’t mean to criticize.  I just miss the days when kids would deliver the newspaper on their bikes, or go door to door with a lawn mower on a Saturday seeing if they could mow a lawn or

Getting kids to do chores

So many kids today do not have a very good work ethic.  They expect that good things should come to them without much effort on their part.  Chores may be one of the greatest things that help kids learn how to make contributions that benefit others.  Getting kids to do chores helps them build character and helps them be successful in life and in relationships. So how do we get kids to do chores?  Is it possible to get them