Parent Testimonials

Watch and Read what parents say about the Parenting Classes in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona



“We use the love and logic tools daily and after only 1 month have seen such positive changes in the whole family!!! I just wanted you to know this was the best decision for our family to take your class.  We tell everyone who will listen about the love and logic curriculum.  We feel blessed to have found your web site and to have started love and logic early while our child is young.”

Valerie from Buckeye, AZ


“I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  I have enjoyed learning how to give up control through choices I offer.  I have also enjoyed watching frustration disappear as I meet their mistakes with empathy and love.  Thank you!”

Raegan from Mesa, AZ


“I really enjoyed the class.  It felt laid back and I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing experiences.  It was great to learn the techniques with my husband.  I think we are both better parents.”

Cathy from Queen Creek, AZ


“Shiloh is a great facilitator.  It makes his comments and teaching more credible as he used many examples from his own family and experiences.  The environment was relaxed and Shiloh never passed judgement for poor parenting or mistakes made.  I would recommend the course to all parents.”

Craig from San Tan Valley, AZ


“This was a very positive experience.  It has affected my parenting for the better.  Shiloh had many suggestions for applying the Love and Logic principles & techniques to our specific situations.”

Reuben from Mesa, AZ

“I really enjoyed the class, laughed a lot, gained confidence in my parenting, and gained a lot of resources to help me.”

Lolly from Queen Creek, AZ


“It was very informative and Shiloh was knowledgeable and delivered well!  I enjoyed learning this parenting class and I will use it.  Thanks so much!”

Sandy from Chandler, AZ


“I think Shiloh is a very good facilitator who cares and thoroughly understands the materials he presents.  He can take a complex topic and bring it down to a level so everyone can understand.”

Brian from Chandler, AZ


“I loved learning how to show love while still enforcing consequences.  This is something I struggled with the most.  I also liked how Shiloh kept the class very open so we all felt comfortable sharing personal experiences and were able to get individual help.”

Cary from San Tan Valley, AZ


“I really enjoyed my time in the class.  I can’t wait until Nina misbehaves.  I feel fortunate that Nina will be brought up as a Love and Logic child and will never know different.  I feel prepared for the future.”

Jamie from Mesa, AZ


“I came to the class skeptical but wanting to support my wife.  After the first class I was eager to finish all the sessions…”

Nick from Scottsdale, AZ


“It was entertaining and fun.  He shared good experiences and has a good background to back up knowledge.”

Bethany from Mesa, AZ


“Shiloh is funny and fun to learn from.  I like his stories and he’s quick to come up with good examples when asked a quenstion.  I really feel like with some effort and application, I can become a better parent to my toddlers and my teenagers.”

Jenny from Mesa, AZ


“Shiloh is a great teacher.  He has a calm demeanor which is a highly effective tool that is very contagious.  It showed me that I don’t have to yell at my kids to get them to listen.”

Joseph from Gilbert, AZ


“Shiloh has a wonderful way of presenting the Love and Logic principles.  He allows pleanty of time to ask questions and to share experiences.”

Kristi from Gilbert, AZ



“I had a lot of fun and love the style shown and taught.  It was very helpful.”

Jodi from Mesa, AZ


“I really liked Shiloh as a facilitator because he has three children as well, so he has been through what we are going through.  He has first hand experience of handling children and can set examples of what works and what doesn’t”

Kelsey and Ramon from Mesa, AZ


“Shiloh is a wonderful instructor.  We have enjoyed his examples which helps us with our own experiences.  He does a great job of making the class feel comfortable which leads to an open and insightful discussion.”

Seth and Rebecca from Gilbert, AZ


“I liked the clear, effective concepts/tools that were taught and explained with videos and examples to empower me as a mom and strengthen my relationship with my children.  It’s helped my husband and I be on the same page.”

Colleen from San Tan Valley, AZ


Testimonials from parents who attended a 2-Day Parenting Seminar in Mesa Arizona


“Shiloh has a kind and gentle approach based on experience with his own family.  We enjoyed spending time solely focused on parenting and learning how to handle the daily frustrations of parenting.  This was definitely time well spent.  Thank you.”

Ivonne from Fountain Hills, AZ

“Really enjoyed Shiloh.  He made the info easy to understand & apply.  He also made the 4 hours fly by with entertaining antidotes & practical examples.”

Janette from Mesa, AZ

“This has been a great learning experience with easy to learn, effective, and immediately applicable parenting skills.  It has made me realize that when my children were small i was a helicopter parent; pre-teen and teenage years and circumstances often shifted me into drill sargeant mode.  Now I will be the consultant I’ve always wanted to be but lacked some of the knowledge and skills!”

April from Tucson, AZ


“Shiloh was a very informative and helpful source for us as parents.  He had great ideas about parenting and shared personal experiences that were beneficial to the course.”

Sarah from Mesa, AZ


My experience in Shiloh’s Love and Logic class was great.  It has helped me utilize my strengths and given me a better approach for my struggles as a parent.  I would definitely recommend this class and Shiloh to anyone who would be interested.”

Jason from Mesa, AZ