Online Foster Parent Trainings

Foster parenting can be rewarding, but the truth is it can be very challenging as well.  As a therapist who specializes in working with foster and adopted kids, I have found that many of these children have gone through trauma in one form or another.  Unfortunately, trauma affects brain development in negative ways.  It can put the nervous system on high alert all day long and can manifest itself in confusing and disruptive behaviors that are acted out by the child who suffered the trauma.

In order to help support foster parents receive their continuing education credits to remain licensed, Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW, has prepared a series of 6 1-hour online foster parent trainings.  These trainings address a variety of subjects including:

  • Understanding behaviors of foster children
  • Understanding the concept of attachment and why it is so important
  • Understanding how to recreate safety and security for children
  • Understanding how to read and interpret the miscues of children who have gone through trauma
  • How to respond in a healing way to the behaviors of foster children
  • How does fear interfere with the foster parent – foster child relationship
  • Brain functioning and how the Fight, Flight, and Freeze response influences reactions
  • The importance of gaining insight into ourselves, our beliefs, our past history and how that influences the relationship with foster children

For information on how to access these trainings email: