Linda Platt, Family and Parenting Therapist in Tempe, AZ

Do you think you always have to keep your children happy in order for them to want to be with you? Do you spend a great deal of time thinking about how your chidren’s other parent may be trying to undermine your authority? Do you sometimes feel like your former-spouse is using your children to hurt or control you?

Linda Platt, MEd, MA, LAC , Family and Parenting Counselor in Tempe, Arizona

If your answer is, yes to any of these questions; your family could benefit from receiving counseling from Linda Platt, a family and parenting counselor in Tempe Arizona.

Linda Platt is a family and parenting therapist in the Tempe area. She is the owner of Basic Clarity, LLC – Holistic Counseling, Coaching and Consulting and has an emphasis in working with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents as well as their families to assist them with emotional regulation and setting strong boundaries. Linda can help parents address topics of Concern such as the following:

  • Being Prepared for Boundary Testing and Challenges
  • Exchanging Information About and Build On Shared Concerns
  • Identifying Problems and Learning to Negotiate Positive Solutions
  • Keeping Children Responsible and Stay Fair and Balanced
  • Looking Deeply at Our Emotional and Social Needs Which are Blocking Healthy Interactions
  • Protecting Children from Dialogue Which Can Hurt Their Self-Esteem
  • Seeking Open Dialogue and Communication with Children and Other Parent(s)
  • Setting Routines to Create a Feeling of Security
  • Setting Consistent Strong Boundaries and Behavioral Guidelines for Children to Live By at All Locations
  • Being Positive About Each Other and Discussing Each Others Strengths with Children

Tempe area Parenting, Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting, Fostering and Adoption Counseling

Linda has been an educator and coach for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience in working with, educating, motivating and counseling children, adolescents and their families in Tempe. In the near future, she will be teaching two psychoeducation classes; one for parents of children with Sensory Issues, Autism and ADHD, and one in Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting, Fostering and Adoption using the Love and Logic concepts in the Tempe area.

Linda has specialized experience and training in working with children who have sensory issues and are autistic or have ADHD, working with foster and adopted children and their special needs, co-parenting, and step-parenting in Tempe Arizona.

Having a centrally located office in the East Valley set up to provide an interactive environment for you and your child will give you hands-on experiences in building the relationship with your child. When it is deemed important to treatment, Linda, can come to your home to assist in evaluating and setting up a plan for developing a productive, healthy and happy family environment.

Linda’s Special Focus

  • Accepting we cannot change other’s way of parenting.
  • Discovering freedom in forgiving.
  • Learning to value our influence over the lives of our children.
  • Letting go of the need to have control of all situations.
  • Seeing life through the eyes of our children.

Linda’s Contact Information:


145 W. Juanita Ave, Suite 1-1 (East side of the building)

Mesa Arizona 85210


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