Linda Platt, Addiction and Trauma Therapist for All Ages in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, Arizona

Addiction and Trauma Therapist from children to the elderly serving the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, Arizona area.

Do you or your family feel you or they have destructive behavior which over-rides your or their personal relationships and keeps you or them from being close to those you or they love? Are you or your loved one experiencing symptoms of numbing where your or their emotions tend to be detached from your or their thoughts, behaviors, and memories? Do you or your loved one tend to experience hyper-arousal which demonstrates itself as sleep disturbances, muscle tension, and a lower threshold for startle responses which has been occurring for many years?

If your answer is, yes to any of these questions; you could benefit from receiving counseling from Linda Platt, an addiction and trauma counselor for ALL ages in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, Arizona.

10 Topics of Concern and Discussion Can Include:

  • Understanding the Stages of Shame
  • Learning to be Mindful to Eliminate Denial
  • Working Through Conflicting Emotions
  • Understanding Triggers and Stressors in Our Lives
  • Developing a Full Commitment to Healthy Living and Relationships
  • Regulating and Stabilizing Painful Emotions
  • Understanding and Using Non-Verbal Ways of Regulating Emotions
  • Practicing Mindfulness and Learning to Live in the Moment
  • Taking Back Control of Your Life and Making Strong Emotional Connections/Attachments with Loved Ones
  • Learning to Trust Yourself and Others

Addiction and Trauma Therapy for ALL ages in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, Arizona

Linda Platt, MEd, MA, LAC is an addiction and trauma therapist in San Tan Valley and Queen Creek, Arizona. She is the owner of Basic Clarity, LLC – Holistic Counseling, Coaching and Consulting and completed her year-long internship working with severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents as well as their families to assist them with emotional regulation and setting strong boundaries.

Linda is an Addiction and Trauma Therapist who offers a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in working with those with many types of addiction and who and/or are those who are living with those with addictions in the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area, and can significantly help to improve interactions with your family members through working on strengthening bonds and relationships and setting strong boundaries

Linda has special experience and training in working with those with addictions and who have gone through traumatic experiences, working with All ages in the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area. She has been an educator and coach for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience in working with, educating, motivating and counseling all ages in the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley Arizona area.

Having a centrally located office in the East Valley set up to provide an interactive environment for us to explore hands-on experiences in building strong relationship with family members. When it is deemed important to treatment, Linda, can come to your home to assist in evaluating and setting up a plan for developing a productive, healthy and happy family environment.

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Linda’s Special Focus

  • Understanding Your Deep Emotional Needs
  • Overcoming Addiction through Fighting a Program of Small Battles
  • Recreating a New Life through Being Mindful of Our Emotions and Needs
  • Creating and Developing Strong Boundaries and Connections/Attachments with Others
  • Adjusting to a New Way of Seeing and Being

Linda’s Contact Information:

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 145 W. Juanita 1-1 
Mesa Arizona 85210
(East Side of Building)