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Single and Dating

If you are like most single people you have put a lot of thought into how to meet someone and then the even more challenging task of discovering if you like one another and want to move forward into a relationship. This process has historically been accomplished through some type of courtship, getting to know one another or dating. However, you may be experiencing enormous amounts of frustration if all the time and energy you put into dating is not

Women’s Therapeutic Retreat

Garron Griffitts, LCSW, will be facilitating a therapeutic retreat for women in the beautiful Saguaro Lake Ranch just outside of Mesa, Arizona.  Please see flyer below. Garron is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in the treatment of addiction treatment, marriage counseling and adolescent counseling. He also works with issues of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger and other life challenges. He previously worked as an adjunct faculty at ASU and taught SWG 608: Ecological Approach to Working with Children, Youth and

2 Calls a Day Addiction Recovery App

Whether you are struggling to overcome an addiction or just trying to change a bad habit, the 2 Calls a Day app can be one of your best tools to accountability and recovery. App of Action This app is not just another informational app that talks about the negative effects of addiction or bad habits.  You probably already know the negative effects that your bad habits or addictions have had on yourself or others.  This app is an App of Action.

Healing from Scars of the Past – Relational Traumas

Trauma is not only a psychological development, but a biological one as well. Trauma begins when cortisol (a hormone that triggers stress) is released into the brain (Siegel & Solomon, 2003). What triggers trauma can look different for every individual, and that is normal; one doesn’t have to suffer from a car crash, or be shot at. Being yelled at or belittled by those who are important can cause trauma for an individual, as well as more severe forms of

The Addictive Relationship

One of the most powerful aspects of an addiction is the relationship one develops with their addiction. Now that may sound strange, but ask anyone who has struggled with an addiction and they will more than likely say they definitely have a “relationship” with their addiction. They may not know why or how it happens, they just know it has. Phrases I have heard people make in early recovery are, “I just miss it so much”, “It’s like I lost

Grieving the Loss of an Addiction

As discussed in the post, “The Addictive Relationship“, many people form a very real “relationship” with their addiction. Many even call it their “best friend.” When a person loses someone to death or divorce they understandably go through the stages of grief. It is logical then that someone would also experience the stages of grief when they stop an addiction due to the relationship they have formed through the addictive  process. This loss is more complex however. Imagine that one

Why do People Have Addictions?

There are many theory’s and ideas as to why people have and suffer from addiction. Whether you are struggling with an addiction or have a loved one suffering from an addiction, you probably have asked the question “WHY?” Although there is no concrete answer to this question, I believe there are some fundamental ideas that will help you understand this question. I believe one important factor as to why people suffer form addiction is an emotional/spiritual “dis-ease”. People, for a