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Making Time for the Family with Garron Griffitts

Garron Griffitts, LCSW, talks about making time for the family on KTAR with Rob and Karie as part of their Family in Focus series.  This segment aired about 1:30 PM, 5/21/2014.   Garron Griffitts, LCSW, is an individual and couples therapist who specializes in the field of addiction and recovery.   He is the founder of Reaching Greater Heights and is part of the Arizona Family Therapy Group. He works with couples on establishing safety and security within their relationship and helps couples

Media Influences on Kids with Shiloh Lundahl

Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW, discusses media influences on kids on KTAR with Rob and Karie as part of their Family in Focus series.   The still Face Experiment Pay attention to the way this baby reacts when her mother does not respond to her.  Now imagine the distress a child feels when a mother or father is not emotionally available due to constantly being occupied by electronic devices.     Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW, is a child and family therapist in Gilbert and Mesa,

Shame Vs. Repair

Kids make lots of mistakes.  The fact is we as parents make plenty of mistakes as well.  As a therapist who works with children and families, I get to spend lots of time working with parents on their reactions to the mistakes their children make.  In doing so, I have found that some parents react with an abrupt intensity when their children make mistakes.  Unsurprisingly, many of these parents were reacted to in similar ways when they were kids and

Why include the parents when working with kids in therapy

As a child and family therapist in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona, I often receive calls from parents who are seeking professional help because of a concern they have with one of their children.  The first step I take is to set up an appointment with the parents to gather more information about what is going on in the family and to come up with a plan that can help that child. As I get to know the parents and how

Therapy for a child diagnosed with bipolar, oppositional defiant, ADHD, anxiety, or reactive attachment disorder (RAD) in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with bipolar, oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, anxiety, or Reactive Attachment Disorder? Have the behavioral programs that you have tried not worked with your child? Would you like an alternative treatment approach to medication? Parents Can Help The truth is, there is a lot that parents can do to help their children who struggle with mood disorders learn to regulate their emotions within tolerable levels. Understanding Emotions The first step to treatment

What is family counseling?

Family Counseling in Mesa Arizona Family counseling is where the focus of counseling is not on just one individual but rather the focus is on the way individuals relate within the family.  A family systems approach to counseling is similar to understanding how a car engine works.  Each part of the engine affects, and is affected by, other parts of the engine.  If one part breaks, it doesn’t take long for other parts to be affected.  Similarly, when one individual

Pediatric Therapy in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona

Is it possible for a baby to be depressed? Many parents wonder if it is really possible for a baby to be depressed or to have anxiety, after all, he is just a baby.  The truth is baby’s can become depressed and they can develop anxiety. Many things play a part in a child developing anxiety or depression.  Part of it may be genetic, part of it may be due to medical or physical problems.  A part of it may

How can I have more influence on my children?

Take a minute to think about someone who had a wonderful influence on you in your life.  As soon as you have that person in your mind think about how you would describe that person?  Would you use words like kind, patient, loving, or empathetic?  Could you say that person was caring or that he or she treated you with respect?  Would you say that it was easy or hard to learn from that person? Now think about someone who

Step-parenting Using Love and Logic®

Do you ever feel torn between wanting your step-children to like you and knowing that you still need to have rules and discipline?  Have you found that letting the biological parent handle all the discipline doesn’t work really well all the time. Help for Blended Families in Arizona Blended families are becoming more and more common in today’s world.  Consequently, more kids are being raised partially by step-parents. If you don’t have a good idea of the role of a

What is Theraplay?

The following video is an excellent explanation of Theraplay.  It was created by the Theraplay institute out of Evanston, Illinois.  Theraplay techniques work especially well for foster and adopted children to help create and repair attachment. For more information visit or click here to schedule a therapy session for your child.