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Loving Relationships Give Consequences Their Power

In the updated Love and Logic Parenting Class – Parenting the Love and Logic Way, Jim and Charles Fay share the following observation, “Our heart breaks every time we see someone falling into the ‘consequence trap.’  Well-meaning parents become ensnared in this trap when they believe that the solution to all of their problems involves finding bigger or better consequences.”  They go on to explain, “Freeing oneself involves understanding that loving relationships give consequences their power.  Releasing oneself means continuing

Parent Coaching Through Skype

Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW, has worked with parents providing therapy and parent coaching in several cities throughout Arizona.  Shiloh is an independent facilitator of the Love and Logic curriculum and has been trained in many other parenting programs as well.   In order to make parent coaching more convenient to parents living outside the Phoenix Valley, Shiloh has started offering therapy through Skype.  Parents in smaller cities in Southern Arizona such as Safford, Thatcher, Eager, Clifton, Willcox, Bisbee, Douglas, Sierra Vista, Benson, Vail, Green

Is That Consequence Logical?

I hear of parents whose knee-jerk reaction to almost anything that their child does wrong is to take away their child’s cell-phone. “It’s the only thing they care about”, parents will tell me. “It’s the only thing that makes them do the thing I ask them to do!” Whether the misbehavior is talking back, refusing to do chores, allowing grades to slip, or being mean to a sibling, these parents whip out their one skill (the cell phone take away)