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Improving Your Child’s Behavior at School

School can be very stressful for a parent and for a child.  This is especially true if your child is having behavior problems or not doing their school work.  It can be a vicious cycle: the child is having a hard time at school, the teacher expresses these concerns to the parent, the parent gets frustrated reacting in a punitive or harsh way and the child continues to do poorly. The first step in breaking the cycle is to take

How to praise kids effectively

Have you ever told a child that they did such a good job coloring their picture and then hear the child respond saying, “No I didn’t.  I messed up on his nose.  I don’t like it.” Why is it some kids argue when their parents try to praise them rather than beam with joy?  Well, sometimes, kids can feel insecure about themselves or develop a belief that they are not good at something or even that they are not good

The 4 S’s in Resolving Emotional Problems in Relationships

Men, have you ever tried to explain to your spouse why she should not be as upset over a problem as she is?  Even though you may be right, and your logic sound, has your explanation ever caused her to get even angrier than she is and push you away? As men, we often respond to emotional problems logically – thinking that if the problem is solved, there is no need to be upset by it.  However, when our spouse