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How to Make Morning Carpool Easier

I had a fun time getting to use some Love and Logic parenting skills with my five year-old son, Ezra, the other morning.  Ezra is part of a carpool that leaves at 7AM each morning.  In order to give him and his sister, Eliza, enough time to get ready, clean their rooms, make their beds, and eat breakfast, I wake them up about 45 minutes before they need to leave and I stay with them to help them through the

Give your Kid a Present That Will Last For Ever – Give Them A New You!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your kids a present that would last their entire lives.  One that wouldn’t clutter the house or lose its luster after a month. This year you can!  Join us as we laugh and learn parenting techniques that shift the power back to the parents while helping kids learn responsibility and building their self-confidence. Our next set of Parenting with Love and Logic® classes begin January 4, 2013.  There is limited seating so