2 Calls a Day Addiction Recovery App

Whether you are struggling to overcome an addiction or just trying to change a bad habit, the 2 Calls a Day app can be one of your best tools to accountability and recovery.

App of Action

This app is not just another informational app that talks about the negative effects of addiction or bad habits.  You probably already know the negative effects that your bad habits or addictions have had on yourself or others.  This app is an App of Action.  This app helps people develop the habit of reaching out to others for support.

Who Can Benefit From This Addiction Recovery App?

  • Alcoholics
  • Drug Addicts
  • Sex Addicts
  • Pornography Addicts
  • Gambling Addicts
  • Overeaters
  • Depressed individuals
  • People who need accountability parters


The 2 Calls a Day app is very simple.  It has two basic functions.

  1. Making support calls
  2. Sending out a help message when your feeling triggered

How To Use This App

  1. After putting the contacts of those who support you in recovery into the app, you can program the app to remind you to make calls throughout the day.  You can program the app to remind you at certain times of the day or to remind you at random times throughout the day to make as many calls as you want to make in a day.
  2. When the app pop-up comes up you can choose between 2 of your support people that the app picks randomly to make a check-in call.  If you are not able to make the call at that time then you can have the app remind you in 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.
  3. If you are feeling triggered to give in to your addiction or bad habit or just need immediate support, you can open the app and send out a predetermined emergency text message to those people who you have preselected to receive such a message.

Strengthen Recovery Groups

In addition to helping individuals who struggle with addiction, those who attend recovery meetings can strengthen each other by making recovery calls.  By adding individuals from your recovery meetings into this app, you will be prompted to make recovery calls to them and by so doing can help strengthen them in their recovery also.